Jazz and Culture's Vol 4. No. 2: "Jazz' in the Present Tense" Now Available

Our second special issue, “Jazz” in the Present Tense” is now available. Thanks to the hard work of our guest editors Kwami Coleman, Kimberly Hannon Teal, Fumi Okiji, and Nate Sloan. The special issue features articles, reviews, a panel discussion, and a colloquy section that focuses on a snapshot of Jazz in early 2020. When live music performance had evaporated into the ether, and digital and otherwise recorded music had become a salve in fearful times: a means for comfort, expression, contemplation, dance, and human connection in a time of hyperisolation. This issue is devoted to the mercurial volatility of change, which is something that is captured by art practitioners and scholars attuned to matters of creative practice.

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